WDP 3-A Class name carried over from old system, new name WDP-3A.) New 3100hp dedicated passenger diesel loco. Twin full-forward cabs, streamlined design, Alco 251-C V-16 power unit, with an ABB/GE turbo supercharger and provided with an electronic governor to control the engine’s power output.
The first one, #15501, rolled out in October 1998. Used on KR (e.g., Trivandrum Rajdhani) ,some SR sections [8/00] (Chennai Egmore – Kanyakumari) and NR. Rated top speed is 160km/h (in both directions). Two-stage suspension with Flexicoil Mark IV fabricated bogies (Co-Co). Air-braked. The WDP-2A variant is essentially the same, but with dual brakes. The new class name for these is WDP-3A.
Builders : DLW
Engine : Alco 251C-16 (upgraded by DLW), 3100hp. 1050rpm max / 400rpm idle. Napier NA 295 IR or ABB VTC304-15 turbocharger. 228mm x 266mm bore/stroke, 12.5:1 compression ratio. Unit fuel injection. Cooling system has centrifugal pump with 3785l/min capacity @ 900rpm; fan driven by an AC motor, 35kW.
Transmission : Electric, with BHEL TA 10102 BW alternator (1050rpm, 1130V, 4400A)
Axle Load : 19.5t.
Bogies: Co-Co Flexicoil Mark 5 (fabricated bogie frame and bolster assembly)

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