Coromandal Express


The Coromandal Express is one of the flagship carriers of the Indian Railways. It is a superfast train which runs down the east coast of India between Howrah station (HWH) in Howrah (Kolkata) and Chennai Central (MAS) in Chennai daily. It is one of the earliest superfast express’ in the history of IR. The Eastern Coast of India along the Bay of Bengal is called the Coromandal Coast and hence the name was given to this train, as it traverses the entire length of the Coromandal coast. This train belongs to the South Eastern Railway Zone.
The train numbers are 12841 and 12842. 12841 departs from Howrah at 14.50 hrs and arrives at Chennai Central at 17.15 hrs the next day. 12842 departs from Chennai Central at 8.45 hrs and arrives at Howrah at 12.00 hrs (again, the next day).[1] The route covers a distance of 1662 km each way. The land of the Chola dynasty was called Cholamandalam in Tamil, literally translated as “the realm of the Cholas”, from which Coromandal is derived. The Coromandal Coast is the name given to the southeastern coast of the Indian peninsula.

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