Punjab Mail

The 12137/12138 Punjab Mail is a superfast express train owned by the Indian Railways that runs between Mumbai and Firozpur in India. It operates as train number 12137 from Mumbai CST to Firozpur and as train number 12138 in the reverse direction.
It is 1 of 2 daily trains that connect Mumbai and Firozpur, the other being the Firozpur Janata Express.
The inaugural run of the Punjab Mail is thought to have taken place on 1 June 1912. Then known as The Punjab Limited, the train initially ran from Ballard Pier to Peshawar, taking British officers, civil servants, and their families directly from their ships to Delhi and the North-West frontier of British India.
In 1914, the originating station was moved to Victoria Terminus, and after the partition of India in 1947, the train's terminus was brought back to Firozpur on the India-Pakistan border.

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