Himsagar Express

Himsagar Express is the second longest running train on the Indian Railways in terms of distance and time, surpassed only by the Dibrugarh-Kanyakumari Vivek Express. It runs from Kanyakumari in India's southernmost state, Tamil Nadu to Jammu Tawi, in Jammu & Kashmir - the northernmost state of India. In 70 hours, the train covers a distance of 3711 km at a speed of 53 km/h, and transverses nine of India's states halting at a total of 71 stations.
It runs weekly, starting every Friday at 14:05 hours from Kanyakumari, reaching Jammu on Mondays at 15:10 hours.[2] It returns from Jammu on Mondays at 23:45 hours and reaches Kanyakumari on Thursdays at 22:45 hours. Because of this schedule, it needs just one rake to complete its entire run. There is a SLIP ROUTE of this train, running from Erode Junction to Tirunelveli Junction & Chhindwara Junction to Bhopal Junction.

Jammu to Kanyakumari: There are several long halts for this train like New Delhi 150 min, Thiruvananthapuram Central, Ernakulam Junction, Erode Junction, Bhopal Junction, Nagpur, Itarsi Junction, Jhansi, Gwalior Junction and Vijayawada 10-15 min each.
Kanyakumari to Jammu: The fastest speed is achieved near Kila Raipur (108 km/h) and the slowest speeds on the Hazrat Nizamuddin to New Delhi (24 km/h) and Bhopal Habibganj to Bhopal Junction (19 km/h) . It takes around three hours for the train to clear the Delhi area.

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